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As a sponsor, you will have the option of utilizing space at the track to set up product demonstrations and/or displays. Race events have a carnival-like atmosphere with many of the fans arriving early just so they can look around. You are encouraged to partner with distributors in specific locations, which will help build your relationship with these distributors. Products may of course be sold right there on the spot.

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Endless Opportunities

Successful motorsports marketing and promotional programs share a common characteristic; activation on the part of the sponsoring company. Some exposure may come automatically as a result of sponsorship and media exposure grows with the implementation of a solid media program but the real power of a motorsports sponsorship requires activation.

How a race team is used in a company's marketing and advertising efforts is critical to a program's success. The visibility of the sponsor is the first step and should be followed up with promotional programs on and off the track including:

  • Trackside Displays
  • Hospitality, Entertainment &Relationship Building
  • Business to Business Partnership Programs
  • Race-Themed Sales Materials &Displays
  • Specific Event Promotions
  • Show Car Programs &Driver Appearances
  • Merchandising Opportunities
  • Internet Exposure
  • Media Exposure
  • Contests, Sweepstakes &Incentive Programs