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Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

We here at Logan Racing would like to invite you to join our winning team and become an advertising patron of Logan Racing. Auto racing is one of the most exciting and rewarding ways to advertise your company. It is both a fun and profitable way to promote your business, improve employee relations and boost morale. Don't forget there is also the added benefit of potential tax breaks for your business as well!

Nothing catches the eye like a sleek racecar with your companies name and logo on it. Gain huge media exposure at every race while enjoying the many perks of being a sponor of Logan Racing, we invite you to join our winning team and be a part of making history!

Joining the Logan Racing Team as a sponsor means so much more than simply slapping your name on our racecar and becoming a rolling billboard. The Logan Racing Team understands how important and vital it is to publicize and promote our corporate sponsors. We feel it is our duty at Logan Racing to maximize consumer awareness when it comes to marketing and promoting your company, products, and/or services.

Logan Racing wants to ensure that your company receives an excellent, rewarding and thoroughly entertaining RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT!

Investing some of your companies advertising resources in Logan Racing will reap your company the many, many benefits associated with the auto racing industry.

"Motorsports is the Number One spectator sport in America with over 52 million fans across the country."
"The supply of sporting events has been outstripped by demand from potential sponsors/advertisers."
"Motorsports is attracting increased attention from major advertisers as a way to reach a new audience."
"The rule of thumb is that putting $1,000 behind a race event or race team will generate the same exposure as $10,000 in advertising."
"Motorsports advertising/sponsorship offers another bonus: the chance to entertain clients, customers and employees by throwing a bash at the event itself."
"Motorsports advertising/sponsorship is a medium that's open to purchase and companies are buying!"
"What brings large and growing crowds to motorsports? The answer is NOISE and SHOWMANSHIP! HORSEPOWER and PERFORMANCE!"

I am always willing to discuss the myriad of means and ways that we can make this relationship even more beneficial to you as one of our corporate sponsors. There are many different sponsorship opportunities available! Monetary support is just one means of support. We also seek product sponsors and affiliates, media, marketing and promotional affiliates and are always welcome to discuss any ideas you might have as well. There is no limit to the possibilities available, sometimes it just takes a bit of creativity. Often times sponsors will provide racers with unique types of sponsorship that have no direct correlation to racing itself, but allow funds that would normally be spent on other products or services to be used for the race team.

So please, come join the ranks of a professional, nationally recognized auto racing entity with more than 20 years standing! We here at Logan Racing would like to personally show you how you can advertise and market your company, products and/or services through the exciting world of motorsports.