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Logan Racing - Mission Statement

Logan Racing is proud of its demonstrated & continuing commitment to the pursuit of diversity throughout Motorsports. Dr. Logan has long understood that expanding the appeal of motorsports will only be achieved through robust driver and crew development programs. We pledge to remain committed to offering minority and women candidates meaningful opportunities to gain the exposure and experience needed for a successful career in Motorsports.

We all know how difficult it has been this year for many teams to acquire the funding necessary to field a competitive race car - in any auto racing series, let alone in the Indycar Series. The smaller teams are constantly scrambling for the all-important dollars necessary to keep them on the entry list for the next race. Many of these promising teams and talented young drivers don't always know when their next race will be. This is an unfortunate fact of life in the Indycar Series. But here is how you can help:

The following is a press release from Logan Racing. As the Indycar team puts their effort together for the upcomming racing season, they are offering individual fans and groups the opportunity to have their name or group logo on their car!

Logan Racing To Embark On Creative Method Of Sponsorship

Dr. Jim Logan's LOGAN RACING TEAM has earned great praise and publicity from the media for being the first African-American owned racing team in the Indycar Series. In 2000, LOGAN RACING competed in only four of the IRNLS nine races and still finished 28th in points. This was done without sponsorship.
Marketing sources estimated a potential advertising value of $15 million for the Atlanta 2000 Race had a sponsor's logo been prominently displayed on the race car.
LOGAN RACING does not necessarily seek minority owned or even motor sports connected sponsors. Sponsors can be from a large corporation with thousands of employees or hundreds of people able to add a few dollars to the LOGAN RACING effort.

While continuing the effort to attract corporate sponsorship, LOGAN RACING is investigating other creative methods of attracting sponsorship. In the spirit of grass roots sponsorship, LOGAN RACING is offering individuals and groups the opportunity to purchase Signature Decals with the signature of each individual or logo of each group for display on their LOGAN RACING Car.

This offers the fans a real opportunity to get involved!

Logan Racing Sponsorship Will Help Your Company To:

  • Be a part of the rich tradition of the Indy 500 and Indycar Series
  • Bring your company to the forefront of the public through television, print, radio, displays, race events, special promotions and the internet.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your trade show booths and other on site promotions.
  • Enhance your corporate image
  • Increase the effectiveness of your advertising by using the racing theme
  • Increase your product value through endorsements of your company
  • Increase your customer loyalty
  • Enhance your company's public perception
  • Build a team spirit within your organization by attending local races
  • Represent Your company through a racing spokesperson

Your logos will be prominently displayed to guarantee you exposure on national television and print media. You will also receive opportunities to entertain your clients at trackside hospitality areas, arrange VIP treatment for your special guests, and take your guests on private tours of the pit areas. In addition, we can help you get creative with television, radio and print advertising campaigns.